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Jul. 2nd, 2009

Bucket List

1. Visit New Zealand
2. Go to Paris
3. Stand on the stage at Shakespeare's Globe Theater....(Yeah I know it isn't the first one but still)
4. Visit the Tower of London
5. Get in a shark cage
6. Visit Ireland
7. Go to Rome
8. See the Pyramids
9. Place flowers on JRR Tolkien's grave
10.Dance under
The Northern Lights
11.Skate on an ice rink in Canada
12.Go on a cruise in the Carribean

Jul. 1st, 2009

Tthings that bug me

Now I try very hard to be a good person. But there are somethings that drive me insane when it comes to the human race.

1.If you are a heavy set girl with large boobs there are somethings you shouldn't wear. A spaghetti-strapped tank top is one of them. There was a very large girl in the store today wearing one. Her boobs were at her belly button. It was sick. I know it is mean but come on! There is no way she thought she looked good.

2.Old people that feel the need to hum loudly. Now I know I should respect older people but sometimes I want to smack them. There was an old man in my line that was humming so loudly everyone within 20 feet could hear him. When it was his turn to check out he hummed the whole time. I TRIED to by nice and speak to him. Just the normal "how are you?", but he wouldn't stop humming.

3.Creepy older guys that are with girls 20 years younger then them. There was a girl that was MAYBE 20 at the most. She a little boy about 5 or so with her. He was calling her mom. Okay so she is a young mom...that's cool. What wasn't cool was when a man in his LATE 40's walks up and the little boy looks at him and says "Daddy can I have candy?" O_o

Jun. 23rd, 2009

Welcome to Cowboy Country

So I have been here a month. Things have going really well .I am really happy at the new store. Most of the people are really nice but like everywhere there are some real assholes. But it is a hell of alot better then the old store. I've made a few friends. There is a guy that freaks me out though. He stares at me and I find it to be really freaky. The customers are nice for the most part. I have had a few that made me want to scream but that is normal really. I am working alot,mostly in the morning. I am shocked to find that I LIKE working in the morning. I have a hard time getting up but once I get to work it really isn't so bad.I  have more time to spend with my love. Plus it is fun going to bed with him everynight.

It is hotter then hell here. The high today was 107. I felt like I was going to melt just walking from my car to the apartment.

I'm really happy here. I miss my family. But it was time for me to get out of Memphis. It is funny though. I'll be driving and all of a sudden it will hit me that I am not longer in Memphis. Stillwater is such a small town. The newspaper is on average
7 pages. My high school paper was bigger than that. There are about 35,000 people here...Memphis has over a million. It gets bigger when school is in. From what I have been told this town goes insane around football season. I am not looking forward to it. But on the plus side when it is a home football game at work we can wear OSU shirts. That is going to be fun. Maybe I should learn something about football. I mean after all...I can see the stadium from the apartment....

Jun. 12th, 2009


I had to work at 9:30 am today .But while I was getting ready I noticed something, it was really REALLY dark for 9:15. I was opening the front door when WOOSH!  The sky all fell down. It was hailing really bad. I had to call in to work and tell them I was going to be late. Which they not only understood...but said was OKAY!  There are alot of broken car windows around town. One lady told me that there are 11 windows broken at the Ag-hall. Freaky.

Oh...take a look at some of these county names.....find any of them funny?

Jun. 3rd, 2009

Testing testing....is this thing on?

So I just got home from my second day at the new store.It is okay I guess. It is going to take awhile to get use to everything.Monday I worked from 9am-5pm.It was okay. I was really sore when I got home.Today I had a short shift.Only 5-11. I only got a 30 minute meal break.That was weird.I mean NO breaks other then that one at like 7:30.So by the time I got home at 11:15 I was about to die.All I had to eat up until then was a sandwich that I had at like 1pm.But Brian cooked me a nice dinner when I got home.Well,he heated up the left overs.But still, it was sweet.

I feel like I am never going to learn the people's names.There are 14 CSM's.I have no idea how many cashiers..but I do know that there are about 500 people that work there,I'm use to know everyone by name.So this is going to be strange for me.But I will get over it.Most of the people I saw today were really nice.I just wish I knew their names!

I had two stalkers today.Brian's ex roommate and his girlfriend came in.They got in line at the register two over and to the back of me.I could feel their eyes on me.But I ignored them and kept working.That was at about 6pm.Then at 9 I was over by the jewelry department working on one of the 20 items or less register.The door over there had gone off and I turned to see why...and they were walking in.I went back to work and didn't think about them for a while.But I felt someone watching me.As I was getting change for a lady I looked up and saw them standing really close to the jewelry stand staring at me.They started talking louder.I think they were trying to make me feel weird.The more I ignored them the louder they got.I find the whole thing to be really funny.They called me fat and looking at her it is like "the pot calling the kettle black." She is just as big as me but since she is about a foot shorter she can't carry it well.She looks like a ball with legs.The front office at the apartment knows about all the things they have done to Brian and the things they have said about us.Even they laugh at how stupid they are.Last week when they found out what floor we were on and that we could see the basketball court (because I like a dumb ass had no idea that my myspace blog wasn't set to only allow my friends to read it)they went out there looking for our apartment.It was a nice night so we have the blinds in the bedroom open and they could see us.They went out there every night last week really late.I think they thought it was bugging us.The only reason we would know it was them out there was because when we heard people we would look because I like to watch people that can't play basketball.

Well it is 1am and poor Brian is having a hard time sleeping so I am going to go snuggle my man

May. 28th, 2009

It's always sunny in...

There is going to be some kind of pool party here on Saturday. Two local stations are going to be here. I really want nothing to do with it but I know Brian wants to go check it out. I think his friend Allison is going to come by too.I'll go but I am NOT getting in a pool. They can kiss my ass on that one.

Tomorrow we are going to go out to eat so I can meet Allison. I think it is going to be weird but I know he wants me to try to be friends with some of his. After we are done and the sun has gone down we are going to go walk around campus. I'm looking forward to that. I really enjoyed it when I came here last year. Only this time I am going to have a camera. There are a lot of really pretty buildings on campus.

We went to the gym today. Well I worked out. He sat there sore.But I had fun. My legs were killing me and I thought I was going to die when I had to walk back up the stairs to the apartment. But that is something I will get over.

May. 27th, 2009

And if I die today I'll be the happy Phantom

So here I am...in Stillwater OK.

I'm really liking it here. It is nothing like Bartlett. The town is pretty much like every other college town in the US
. We are really close to Boone Pickens Stadium. We can see it from the front of the apartment complex. 
We drove around a little today. Friday night he is going to take me up to the school and we are going to walk around.It really is a pretty campus. They are doing a lot  of work up there though.

The apartment is really nice. We are still trying to get it all set up though. Outside our bedroom window is a basketball court. I like the view. Even though his ex roommates are trying to fuck with us by using it late at night. Somehow they think it bugs us. I find it all very funny. They talk about of shit about us. But it just shows that they are still little kids. I find the whole thing to be pretty funny though. They call me fat but so is his girlfriend. It is one of those "pot calling the kettle black" kind of things.

I start at the new store on Monday. The lady I have been talking to isn't going to be there for the next two weeks. She told me that they had alot of tranfers in the last few months and I am only the second one that has shown up. I'm looking forward to starting there but I am also scared out of my mind. But I will get over it.